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Our History


Our History

It all began in Siatista, a picturesque mountain town in northern Greece.  In 1953, CENTROPEL was established by the visionary brothers Nikos and Leonidas Papageorgiou. What started as a humble venture in this historic town, it gradually transformed into a cohesive family unit over the years, with the company and its employees growing side by side, nurturing a bond that has become integral to our shared story. The company moved its headquarters to Frankfurt in 1963 while keeping the production and logistics center in Siatista. 

Today, this family-run operation stands tall as a global leader of high-quality natural outerwear, showcasing its products across continents, producing over 20.000 garments annually. We specialize in Mink, Persian, Raccoon, Fox and Rex Rabbit garments. Also, there is a diverse product range of Spanish Merinos, New Zealand amd Toskana Lamb.The raw materials for Fur garments are primarily sourced from European auction houses like SAGA FURS & KOPENHAGEN FUR as well as from North America like NAFA & AMERICAN LEGEND.

From the streets of Siatista to the farthest corners of the world, our legacy unfolds with a passion that spans into the third generation—a testament to our commitment to quality, heritage, and the elegance of natural outerwear. For seven decades, we’ve remained committed to crafting products exclusively with natural materials, proudly made in Greece. At CENTROPEL, synthetic intrusion is forbidden—no room for petroleum-based substitutes, no imitation shearling, and absolutely no synthetic fur. Natural is the essence of luxury.