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Eco & social responsibility

Our dedication to ethical, transparent, and responsible practices isn’t merely a value—it’s the foundation for everything we do. We place a high value on sustainability and traceability, actively working to contribute to a balanced environment.

Our entire production line follows the rules set by the European Union for the environment and social responsibility. Every piece we create isn’t just a fashion choice but a way of showing how responsible we are as citizens of the world. We use natural, biodegradable shearling and fur materials from certified suppliers, free from harmful substances, made with care to contribute to a balanced ecosystem.

Every product that holds the CENTROPEL label is crafted in our own production facilities,  assembled and completely finished in Greece. This decision it’s a commitment to supporting local craftsmanship and ensuring that our creations meet the highest standards of quality. 

Ensuring fair wages and offering safe working conditions for all our employees are not just priorities, are non-negotiable principles.We strongly believe that by empowering those who bring our designs to life, we support the local economy and we foster a sense of unity and pride within our community.